Custom Holiday Poop Emoji 2017

Adobe Illustrator.   I've added more characters to my custom holiday poop emojis from last year.  New characters include: Santa, Elf, Scrooge, Nutcracker, and a Snowman.  First I change the gradient on the fill of the basic poop emojis from last round to suit the character.   Next I added custom shapes drawn freehand with either the... Continue Reading →

The Catfather Part III (FAN ART)

Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator.    PHOTOSHOP:  Frankensteined the cat together head/paws/suit.   Cartoon' action applied to cat.   Gritty brushes to paint in the red glow background.   ILLUSTRATOR:  Made the Catfather logo after 'image tracing' and manipulating the real logo.


Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator.  PHOTOSHOP: mix/match cat/dog bodies & make heads bigger.  ‘Cartoon’ action I purchased was applied.   Vibrance and Saturation via layers.  Outer glow layer effects on the eyes.   Sharpen tool on furry looking spots.  ILLUSTRATOR:  added a gradient background.   Used ‘Texturino’ plugin by Astute Graphics to add a cloth/flag texture... Continue Reading →

Total Tool

Photoshop+Illustrator.    Put a skull design in Photoshop and added tools in layers after removing backgrounds and lined them up over the design until I had something I liked.  Added a few drop shadows.   Background was created in Illustrator.  Color gradient with texture (marble) applied with 'Texturino" by Astute Graphics.

Om Infinity Wave

Adobe Illustrator.   Used Adobe Capture app to vectorize a pencil drawing of the wave.   Pen and pencil tool to trace the drawing lines and create colored areas.  Color gradients.  Splatter brush to create mist with outer glow on some.

Bokoblin (Fan Art)

Adobe Illustrator.  Pencil tool tracing (vecorized!) of a Legend of Zelda: BOTW digital painting.   Opacity and outer glow on the eyes.   Some random background I found on Google.

FPV Lawn Kid

Illustrator.  Image trace on the kid and the grass  Pen tool, pencil tool and shape tool to create the FPV goggles, lanyard and controller.  Gradient background with a couple of different textures  (ink stamp and marble) applied with 'Texturino' by Astute Graphics.

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